Patch update 1.7

Patch update 1.7

Postby Daven » Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:34 pm

Patch update 1.7

Reference Multisamples

Cycle now can load a multisample by browsing for a directory, where it will load all the samples,
parse the pitch and velocity from the filenames, and automatically map the samples across the
morphing space.
So now comparison between the different velocities and pitches of an instrument is very easy.

Find it under File > Load Multisample...

Sample playback is now polyphonic and responds to midi, though again it's not a sampler but just
for more convenient reference.

Nudge Tool

Dragging on Waveform Surface / Waveshape editor:
- changes phase of waveshapes in synth view mode
- changes phase of reference samples in sample view mode

Dragging on Spectrogram slides vertices up and down or in the Spectrum Editor, left and right.

This main purpose is to let you align the phase of the several samples in a multisample,
making the patterns more linear and easier to emulate.

This figure juxtaposes the waveform surface of a trumpet at multiple pitches. The nudge tool
was used to align them by their first peak/trough.

Envelope updates

New Dynamic Envelopes option: when selected, the envelopes (excluding volume) will recalculate
while a note is live on modulation change. This comes at a CPU cost, so the option is disabled by default.
An example usage can be controlling vibrato strength while a note is held.

Find it under Audio > Dynamic Envelopes.

The release region is redesigned so the sustain point of the envelope can be put at zero without
visually squashing the release region (see fig. below)

A new workflow behavior is introduced such that dragging a loop- or sustain-point slides all the
points to its right.


Automatic Modelling

A model button is added for automatically modelling sample waveshapes.

To use, load a reference sample, position playhead to the desired part of waveform,
optionally adjust morph ranges in the Morph panel, then click. Hello vectorized waveshape!

Find it in the Waveform Surface controls area. More features are to come to refine this workflow...

Presets & Sharing

New in 1.7:
  • Sharing is fixed.
  • A preset is opened immediately on download.
  • New dismiss option for newly downloaded presets (should you not want them!)
  • Notification of any new community presets on startup.
  • Ratings, dismissed presets saved in new metadata file, unaffected by installs and updates.

Minor Graphics update

1500+ harmonics are now visualized at the lowest notes, where previously the limit was about 950 harmonics.
This means the harmonic scaling is now identical between synthesizer output and the UI visualization.

New preset highlights:

Bugs fixed:

Preset sharing fixed
Pencil drawing hang on OSX
Visualized vertex cube not always the closest one
On switching envelopes, auto-zoom didn't take deformers into account when choosing the scale
On box-select in envelopes area, pivots were incorrect in some cases
Setting a new sustain point on an envelope didn't always trigger update
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Re: Patch update 1.7

Postby Daven » Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:04 pm

Updates Dec. 5

- Hold down CMD or SHIFT key modifiers to move vertices in only vertical or horizontal directions, respectively.
- Changed resampling routines on non-44.1khz samplerates, which fixes most of the related issues hit on 64bit plugin formats
- Dragging a vertex updates the coordinates (before they froze at wherever you started dragging from)
- OSX "user" preset folder explicitly given write permissions on install, fixing the preset download issue and allowing users to save to it

Coming soon are extra envelope features: global triggering, host tempo sync, duration scaling, and more.
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